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Our standard warranty covers the repair or replacement of a product that fails due to defects in materials or workmanship.  The table below lists the warranty period from the date of shipment from SENS.

Product Family

We offer evaluation and repair services regardless of warranty status. Please contact technical support for instructions and a return materials authorization prior to return, if possible before buying a replacement or taking a unit out of service. We will need the full model and serial number of the charger, type of batteries being charged, and a description of the problem..

We offer replacement parts and spare parts kits for all current SENS product lines. Please provide the full charger model and serial number, and a description of the part. For printed circuit boards we will also need the type of batteries being charged. If you’re not certain what you need, or for possible warranty coverage, please contact technical support before ordering. While our chargers are designed for long service life, we do recommend stocking spare parts for critical applications or remote locations. Ask your sales or service representative for a list of recommended spare parts for your charger.

SENS normally provides support and repair services for 5 years after the date of obsolescence.