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Industrial Battery Chargers


Industrial Switchmode Battery Chargers

Operating at high frequency, switchmode technology outperforms line frequency chargers in nearly every way – including dynamic response, size, weight, noise, energy efficiency, and standards compliance. Switchmode technology dominates nearly every segment of the economy, including mission-critical military and aerospace applications.

Employing design practices borrowed from the aerospace sector, SENS’ switch-mode chargers are specially hardened for use in industrial environments. This enables them to deliver the expected switch-mode technology benefits — small size, light weight, noise-free operation and pure DC output — without sacrificing the durability and toughness that industrial users expect of stationary chargers. SENS designed its MicroGenius family of switch-mode battery chargers to outlast competing switch-mode products, and deliver reliability approaching that of SENS’ industry leading SCR battery chargers.




Unique Contribution

Rugged Design

High power conversion efficiency enables SENS MicroGenius® and EnerGenius® DC chargers to be cooled without huge heat sinks. Convection cooling in MicroGenius® chargers and forced conduction cooling in EnerGenius® DC chargers prevent dust and airborne contaminants from building up on electronics and causing charger failures. Electrical transient resistance is designed into the power conversion electronics. Some models offer supplemental surge protection, automatically monitored, on both AC and DC sides of the charger. All chargers are shake table tested to higher shock and vibration standards than competing products to ensure reliability where it counts most: in the field, protecting critical applications from power loss.

Advanced Battery Charging

Utilizing state of the art digital signal processing, SENS industrial switchmode chargers deliver the best and highest accuracy battery charging available anywhere. Dynamic Boost™ technology rechargers batteries faster, yet without risk of overcharging. HELIX™ technology, specifically for engine starting batteries, reduces energy usage, extends battery life and helps prevent catastrophic battery failure.

More Power, Less Space

SENS entire line of switch-mode chargers packs significantly more power into smaller and lighter packages.   Smaller and lighter packages simplify installation and provide for many more mounting options.

Industry-specific configurations 

All members of the MicroGenius® and EnerGenius® families of chargers are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the markets for which they are intended. Charging methods are adapted to different battery types and alarms are customized for the application. Even N+1 redundant and multiple bank chargers are available.

Unmatched agency approvals

SENS ensures that projects move forward without delay by providing all necessary agency approvals. C-UL safety listings for multiple applications; CE marking for the EU; ABS type approval and UL and US Coast Guard ignition protection for marine applications; IBC Seismic certification; and California Energy Commission energy efficiency certification.


Industrial Charger Products



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