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EnerGenius DC


EnerGenius DC_Logo_Horizontal_Black and Red

EnerGenius® DC is SENS’ new generation of industrial and utility chargers based on modular, ruggedized switchmode technology.  Ruggedized switchmode power conversion offers huge advantages in size, weight, serviceability, efficiency, and DC power quality to industry.  Switchmode reliability is well proven through decades of use in the aerospace industry and military applications — where reliability is critical.  Designed and built in the USA, EnerGenius® DC builds from the highly successful power conversion and software architectures proven in our MicroGenius® 2 family.  


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More Power. Less Space. Environmentally Hardened.

  • Hardened powertrain: Small, energy efficient and rugged
  • Fast responding, pure DC: Delivers ripple-free output even without battery
  • Small size & light weight: Saves floor space and money
  • Dirt and dust protected: Electronics stay cool and clean even in dirty environments
  • Industrial electrical ratings: 480 VAC 3-phase input; transient & surge protected
  • Remore communications: Optional Modbus and DNP3
  • PIP specification compliant: Includes optional high current alarm relays

EnerGenius DC_Logo_Horizontal_Black and Red

EnerGenius DCEnerGenius DC_Logo_Horizontal_Black and Red

EnerGenius® DC is purpose-designed for industrial and power utility applications. It is the first, best and only DC power system to combine three dimensions of performance industrial users require:

  • Proven reliability & high level of protection against environmental attack;
  • The performance, efficiency, size, weight and servicing advantages inherent to modular switchmode technology; and
  • Standards compliance and data interfaces unique to industrial and utility end users.

Three packaging styles are available, all utilizing native 480 volt AC, 3-wire input: compact unit, wall box, and floor-mounted cabinet systems.


Smaller & lighter than legacy chargers

EnerGenius® DC chargers are much smaller and lighter than legacy technology chargers. Their small size and light weight — in many cases less than one-fifth the size and weight of competing chargers — provides for easier fit and installation in both new construction and replacement applications.


Rugged design backed by 5-year warranty

EnerGenius® DC features layered defenses against electrical transients and other environmental threats found in industrial environments.  To protect the charger from dust and contaminants, EnerGenius® DC’s patented forced conduction cooling system uses redundant fans to remove heat with airflow never touching sealed electronics. SENS industry-best 5-year limited warranty backs up all models.


Hot-swap power modules

Lightweight 7kW hot-swap power modules can be installed or removed while the charger is operating, yielding huge benefits for reliability, service, and expansion.  By installing one module more than required for the application (N+1 redundancy), reliability is greatly enhanced; if a power module fails, the charger continues to deliver full power without interruption.  Users can also increase power on the fly by adding a module.  The system automatically updates all relevant settings with no interruption to the charger’s operation.

Cabinet models even offer the option of complete redundancy – independent AC inputs, DC output, rectifiers, circuit breakers, and control panels – in a single package.


Easy installation & service

Compact and wallbox models are small and light enough to be installed by a single person without the need for mechanical assistance. Once in service, power modules can be easily and safely swapped-out while the charger is live without the need for highly trained service personnel. If a power module were to fail, chargers with two or more modules will continue to operate at reduced capacity, providing more flexibility in scheduling service.

Clean, efficient power

Switchmode rectifiers convert power at high frequency, inherently producing very low ripple DC output.  EnerGenius® DC operates as a DC power supply delivering clean, fast-responding DC even without a connected battery.   There is no need to purchase “eliminator” or “super filtering” options to achieve power quality sufficient to support electronic controls.  And, with near unity power factor, EnerGenius® DC consumes up to 45% less current than competing products, helping organizations meet energy conservation goals.

Superb flexibility

EnerGenius® DC chargers will charge virtually any type of stationary battery including all types of lead-acid, NiCd and lithium. Users can select the alarms they require and map them to either standard or high current and relays.  Communications options include Modbus, DNP3 and IEC 61850 protocols.  Chargers are UL-listed and comply with the NEMA PE-5 / IEEE 2405 standard, with PIP standard compliance optional.  Chargers are optimized for three-phase AC input from 400-480 volts but will operate on any single or three-phase supply of 208 volts or higher.


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