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Battery Monitoring Products

Manufactured by PBT, a SENS company.

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Small Systems Battery Monitoring


The PBT-SCMini-XC is a low-cost controller for battery management and small systems backup power monitoring.


Combining the power of ARM-9 and Linux

The PBT-SCMini-XC is based on a powerful ARM-9 microcomputer with an embedded Linux operating system. The architecture and capabilities are based on PBT’s PBT-SC4 system controller, which is field proven in thousands of monitored sites. This platform provides a wide range of functionality along with a full suite of secure networking protocols and utilities, including:

  • IP V4 & V6
  • SNMP V1, V2, V3
  • FTP, SMTP, SSH, HTTP (webserver)

Scalable Monitoring Solution

The unit is equipped with two battery sensor interfaces for a total monitoring capacity of up to 48 batteries (24 per input). It also has a PBUS interface to allow use with other PBT sensors, including float current measurement and general-purpose RIM and ROM I/O modules for facilities monitoring. More information on battery sensors and expansion modules can be found in the associated data sheets. The unit can be powered from a wide range of DC voltages from 9-60 VDC.

Monitored parameters include:

  • Local line voltage
  • Controller internal temperature (tracks ambient temperature)
  • Battery voltage, temperature, impedance
  • Battery electrolyte level (optional sensor)
  • String float charging current (optional sensor)
  • String discharge current (optional sensor)
  • AC current (optional sensor)
  • Moisture detection (optional sensor)
  • Thermal runaway detection/control (optional sensor)
  • Ground fault detection (optional sensor)
  • Two built-in digital contact closure inputs
  • Two built-in relay contact outputs
  • USB-C programming connector
  • Internal logging of all measurements and states

The built-in web server allows the status of the monitored batteries to be analyzed from anywhere in the network using a common web browser. The built-in SMTP mail client can be set up to send alarm messages to user-specified email addresses or text messages when an alarm occurs. A rules-based system allows combinations of states/conditions to set relay contact outputs.

The PBT-SCMini-XC, battery sensors, and all expansion modules are firmware downloadable over the network, facilitating firmware upgrades and feature enhancements as they become available.

Always in control

  • Lowest cost, highest capability solution for closet, cabinet, and small systems power monitoring
  • Built-in SNMP proxy agent
  • Sends alarms to management systems, email addresses, and text message addresses
  • Implements industry-standard SNMP MIB
  • Configurable alarm thresholds for every parameter
  • Other management protocols available (contact PBT)
  • No special software licenses or expensive controllers required
  • Built-in web server allows convenient read-only monitoring and limited provisioning from any computer on the network
  • Full provisioning with powerful template files
  • Built-in SMTP mail client sends alarm messages to email addresses or to a mobile phone (text message)
  • Fully downloadable operating firmware
  • All expansion modules’ firmware is downloadable

PBT-SCMini-XC Data Sheet

  • Utility AC voltage; 0 to 140VAC; true RMS, requires optional module
  • Battery string voltage; 0 to 60 VDC
  • Individual battery measurements; up to 48 batteries (24 per input), see datasheet for battery sensor type PBT-PA-BSxx:
    • Voltage
    • Admittance (“Ohmics”)
    • Temperature
  • Mini-controller internal temperature (tracks ambient temperature)
  • Charger float current: requires optional equipment
  • DC load current: requires optional equipment
  • AC load current: requires optional equipment
  • Ground fault detection: Requires optional equipment
  • Moisture: requires optional module
  • Digital Status Indications/Control:
    • Two general-purpose digital status inputs
    • Two relay contact outputs

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DC input power 9-60 VDC; 5 watts max


Temperature -40 °C to +80 °C
Humidity 0 to 95%; non-condensing


Size 3.25”W x 5.25”L x 1.20”H
Construction Molded plastic
Weight 0.6 lb nominal


  • PBT-PA-BSxx (battery sensor)
  • PBT-PAC-SCminiB-CT (AC current sensor)
  • PBT-PA-ELS (electrolyte sensor)
  • PBT-PA-MS-1 (moisture sensor)
  • PBT-PA-FCM (float current sensor)
  • PBT-PA-UGM (ground fault sensor)
  • PBT-PA-xxxx (power transformer)
  • PBT-PA-RIM/ROM (I/O expansion)