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Genset Engine Start

SENS is the industry’s leading supplier of genset engine starting chargers and best battery selectors. Engine generator sets (gensets) generate power for many buildings, industrial facilities, venues,  and military sites when utility power is unavailable.

Industrial DC Power

Power generators, electric utilities, and industrial plants operate a vast array of protective relays, circuit breakers, switchgear, and control electronics that keep all that power under control, preventing malfunctions from turning into high-powered disasters.

Battery Monitoring

Remote battery monitoring can save maintenance costs, predict impending battery failures and extend battery service life. Our systems can extend their monitoring and control capabilities to generators, chargers/inverters, HVAC systems, and building monitoring.

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Complete Systems

Self-contained non-stop DC power systems include a battery, charger/rectifier, and various options. 

Industrial Chargers

SENS offers both SCR and Switch Mode chargers for a wide range of applications.

Battery Monitoring

Remote battery monitoring can save maintenance costs, predict impending battery failures and extend battery service life.

Data Centers






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Battery Monitoring Products

Manufactured by PBT, a SENS company.

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Small Systems Battery Monitoring


The PBT-BMS-SCMini-XC is a low-cost controller for battery management and small systems backup power monitoring.


Combining the power of ARM-9 and Linux

The PBT-BMS-SCMini-XC is based on a powerful ARM-9 microcomputer with an embedded Linux operating system. The architecture and capabilities are based on PBT’s PBT-SC4 system controller, which is field proven in thousands of monitored sites. This platform provides a wide range of functionality along with a full suite of secure networking protocols and utilities, including:

  • IP V4 & V6
  • SNMP V1, V2, V3
  • DNP3
  • FTP, SMTP, SSH, HTTP (web server)

Scalable Monitoring Solution

The unit is equipped with two battery sensor interfaces for a total monitoring capacity of up to 48 batteries (24 per input). It also has a PBUS interface to allow use with other PBT sensors, including float current measurement and general-purpose RIM and ROM I/O modules for facilities monitoring. More information on battery sensors and expansion modules can be found in the associated data sheets. The unit can be powered from a wide range of DC voltages from 9-60 VDC.

Monitored parameters include:

  • Local line voltage
  • Controller internal temperature (tracks ambient temperature)
  • Battery voltage, temperature, impedance
  • Battery electrolyte level (optional sensor)
  • String float charging current (optional sensor)
  • String discharge current (optional sensor)
  • AC current (optional sensor)
  • Moisture detection (optional sensor)
  • Thermal runaway detection/control (optional sensor)
  • Ground fault detection (optional sensor)
  • Two built-in digital contact closure inputs
  • Two built-in relay contact outputs
  • USB-C programming connector
  • Internal logging of all measurements and states

The built-in web server allows the status of the monitored batteries to be analyzed from anywhere in the network using a common web browser. The built-in SMTP mail client can be set up to send alarm messages to user-specified email addresses or text messages when an alarm occurs. A rules-based system allows combinations of states/conditions to set relay contact outputs.

The PBT-BMS-SCMini-XC, battery sensors, and all expansion modules are firmware downloadable over the network, facilitating firmware upgrades and feature enhancements as they become available.

Always in control

  • Lowest cost, highest capability solution for closet, cabinet, and small systems power monitoring
  • Built-in SNMP proxy agent
  • Sends alarms to management systems, email addresses, and text message addresses
  • Implements industry-standard SNMP MIB
  • Configurable alarm thresholds for every parameter
  • Other management protocols available (contact PBT)
  • No special software licenses or expensive controllers required
  • Built-in web server allows convenient read-only monitoring and limited provisioning from any computer on the network
  • Full provisioning with powerful template files
  • Built-in SMTP mail client sends alarm messages to email addresses or to a mobile phone (text message)
  • Fully downloadable operating firmware
  • All expansion modules’ firmware is downloadable

PBT-BMS-SCMini-XC Data Sheet

  • Utility AC voltage; 0 to 140VAC; true RMS, requires optional module
  • Battery string voltage; 0 to 60 VDC
  • Individual battery measurements; up to 48 batteries (24 per input), see datasheet for battery sensor type PBT-PA-BSxx:
    • Voltage
    • Admittance (“Ohmics”)
    • Temperature
  • Mini-controller internal temperature (tracks ambient temperature)
  • Charger float current: requires optional equipment
  • DC load current: requires optional equipment
  • AC load current: requires optional equipment
  • Ground fault detection: Requires optional equipment
  • Moisture: requires optional module
  • Digital Status Indications/Control:
    • Two general-purpose digital status inputs
    • Two relay contact outputs

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DC input power 9-60 VDC; 5 watts max


Temperature -40 °C to +80 °C
Humidity 0 to 95%; non-condensing


Size 3.25”W x 5.25”L x 1.20”H
Construction Molded plastic
Weight 0.6 lb nominal


  • PBT-PA-BSxx (battery sensor)
  • PBT-PAC-SCminiB-CT (AC current sensor)
  • PBT-PA-ELS (electrolyte sensor)
  • PBT-PA-MS-1 (moisture sensor)
  • PBT-PA-FCM (float current sensor)
  • PBT-PA-UGM (ground fault sensor)
  • PBT-PA-xxxx (power transformer)
  • PBT-PA-RIM/ROM (I/O expansion)