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Step-by-Step Guide: Using the SENS Setup Utility With IQ2 Chargers | SENS

Step-by-Step Guide: Using the SENS Setup Utility With IQ2 Chargers | SENS

The SENS Setup Utility, already used on all of SENS’ switchmode chargers and systems, now works with the new IQ Generation 2.  Use the utility to easily change setpoints, alarm mappings, charge modes, and to capture systems diagnostics information.

  • The utility can be used to program charger alarm setpoints, charging setpoints, and mapping of alarms to physical relays.
  • The utility can also be used for troubleshooting purposes. After connection to the charger “Save Snapshot” button will save a file of all the internal settings of the charger to be analyzed by SENS Technicians.
  • To download the utility, visit our download page: Download Center – SENS: Stored Energy Systems, battery chargers, DC power (
  • All IQ2 chargers have a Micro-USB port located on the control board to interface with the computer running the utility.
  • IQ2’s that include the optional protocol board can be accessed via an Ethernet connection, either directly connected to a PC or if Ethernet is permanently installed, through an internal company network.
IQ2 USB and Ethernet

USB and Ethernet port locations


The Utility page below allows mapping of alarms to physical relays. Users can map one or many alarms to the same relay.

Alarm mapping screen

Use this page to customize alarm to relay mapping


Using the following page users can adjust the setpoints of any charger settings. The charger’s safeguards prevent changes outside of the safe operating parameters. Users can also update firmware, restore factory defaults, and save customized battery settings.

Changing charger settings

Changing Charger Settings


The callout in the image above shows the location of the System Controls action center. System Controls contain the facilities for installing firmware, saving battery settings for easy fleet deployment, or taking a system snapshot that users can email to SENS Customer Service for troubleshooting or analysis.

SENS Utility System Controls

System Controls


Questions?  For more information see the IQ2 manual or contact SENS Customer Service.