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EGSA Spotlights SENS: A Commitment to Quality & Innovation | SENS

EGSA Spotlights SENS: A Commitment to Quality & Innovation | SENS

EGSA — The Electrical Generating Systems Association — recently profiled SENS in the January / February 2013 edition of PowerLine Magazine. The profile provides unique insight into SENS culture and passion for quality, innovation and customer service in all aspects of its business. See the complete profile here.

Excerpts from the EGSA profile:

“SENS is the recipient of multiple industry awards for product innovation. Its world class LEAN production system provides customers with best-in-class quality and product delivery.”

“Independent sales organization Benroth-Nolty Inc. verified that the SENS system delivers exceptional results. Co-owner Tom Benroth reported that SENS surpasses both the service levels and delivery performance of every manufacturer he has represented over his 17 years in the manufacturer’s rep business.”

“Today SENS is the leading supplier of high reliability battery chargers to the distributed generation industry and one of the leading suppliers of DC power systems used to insure power across a wide variety of infrastructure applications. . .”

“SENS’s leadership team believes strongly in contributing to our communities, and SENS is a long time EGSA Member. [CEO Bill] Kaewert teaches the EGSA class on electric starting systems, and authored the Electric Starting Systems chapter of the upcoming Fifth Edition of the EGSA On-Site Power Generation: A Reference Book.”