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Manufactured by PBT, a SENS company.

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Remote Input Module (RIM)


The RIM is a remote input module that is designed to operate in conjunction with PBT’s battery monitoring system or with the ContactAgent general purpose remote monitoring system.

The RIM operates with ContactAgents or site controllers via the “P-Bus” powered RS485 expansion bus. The site controller supplies operating power and communications signaling for the RIM slave over the P-Bus using common CAT5/RJ45 interconnect cabling.


Expand through Daisy Chaining

Up to four RIMs can be operated in a “daisy-chain” configuration on each site controller P-Bus port. This provides a maximum expansion capability of four RIMs per ContactAgent or eight RIMs per SC4 site controller. Each RIM provides six analog/digital interface points that can be used to monitor contact closures, logic states or to measure AC or DC analog voltages.

The status of each input for every RIM on the ContactAgent or site controller’s P-Bus is viewable from the built-in web server, or via SNMP. RIM input states and voltages can be user-configured to generate alarms according to user-specified thresholds/states.

RIMs also contain an internal temperature sensor, an optional humidity sensor, and an interface to plug in a low-voltage wall transformer (Model PBT-WT-12) for measuring and monitoring commercial AC power-line voltage.

Monitor your equipment remotely

  • General-purpose monitoring of external equipment & facilities
  • Simple “point-of-use” modular architecture
  • Communications and powering provided via the “P-Bus” RS485 port on PBT host controller devices
  • Up to four RIMs on each host controller P-Bus port
  • Eight configurable & monitorable input points
  • Each input can be a binary (logic) state detection, a DC analog voltage measurement, or an RMS AC voltage measurement.
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Optional internal humidity sensor
  • Supplied with wall-mount transformer for local utility AC power monitoring
  • Powered from P-Bus
  • Modular quick-disconnect terminal blocks

PBT-RIM-[x][y] Data Sheet

Number Of User Defined Inputs 6
Input Types Analog, contact closure, or logic level; user definable
Analog Range -12 V to +12 V
DC Analog Measurement Resolution +/- 25 mV
DC Analog Measurement Accuracy +/- 2%
Logic Level Thresholds User definable within analog range
AC Analog Measurement User definable per input; RMS measurement
Optional Commercial Line Voltage Measurement (In Addition To 6 User I/O Inputs) 50 VAC to 150 VAC RMS nom; +/- 5%
Internal Temperature Sensor -40 °C to +60 °C; +/-2%
Optional Humidity Sensor 5% RH to 95% RH; +/- 2%
Size 2.6” x 2.6” x 1” nominal
Interface To Controller P-Bus RS485 on RJ45 connector; power supplied by daisy chain
Environment -40 °C to +60 °C; 0-95% RH


PBT-RIM-1[y] 6 standard inputs
PBT-RIM-2[y] 4 standard inputs;
2 temperature inputs
PBT-RIM-4[y] 6 temperature inputs
PBT-RIM-5[y] For discharge/charge current sensor model PBT-PA-DCC-1000/100

y = “H” signifies internal humidity sensor

Mounting bracket included.

A full line of measuring and monitoring accessories is available. Contact us for more information.


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