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MicroCab™ 1500 Outdoor DC UPS

Compact, Rugged, Weatherproof NEMA3RX Outdoor DC UPS 

  • Delivers reliable 12V or 24V battery backed power, up to 300AH @24V
  • Weatherproof NEMA3RX enclosure & conduction cooling ensure reliable operation in hot, wet environments
  • Modular rectifier/battery chargers scale to meet wide range of requirements or N+1 redundancy
  • Standard Modbus data communications
  • Floor mount or wall / pole mount
  • Optional high temperature batteries, heaters, fans, LVLD, supplemental surge suppression
  • C-UL listed, IBC seismic certified, California Energy Commission BC certified

Applications: industrial controls, monitoring / data acquisition, remote actuation

SENS MicroCab™ 1500 is a rugged, modular outdoor DC power system / DC UPS.  The system features both expandable charging and battery capacity.  MicroGenius™ 2 high efficiency switchmode rectifier/chargers deliver up to 45A at either 12 or 24 volts.  Up to three rectifiers operate in parallel, providing seamless power expansion or redundancy to meet high availability requirements. Battery capacity is expanded by the use of an expansion bay integrated below the base unit. Users may select from a variety of VRLA batteries, including special high temperature rated batteries.  All systems include Modbus over RS-485, with optional TCP/IP support.  Standard Form C contacts annunciate summary, major, and minor alarms.