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Genset Engine Start

SENS is the industry’s leading supplier of genset engine starting chargers and best battery selectors. Engine generator sets (gensets) generate power for many buildings, industrial facilities, venues,  and military sites when utility power is unavailable.

Industrial DC Power

Power generators, electric utilities, and industrial plants operate a vast array of protective relays, circuit breakers, switchgear, and control electronics that keep all that power under control, preventing malfunctions from turning into high-powered disasters.

Battery Monitoring

Remote battery monitoring can save maintenance costs, predict impending battery failures and extend battery service life. Our systems can extend their monitoring and control capabilities to generators, chargers/inverters, HVAC systems, and building monitoring.

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Complete Systems

Self-contained non-stop DC power systems include a battery, charger/rectifier, and various options. 

Industrial Chargers

SENS offers both SCR and Switch Mode chargers for a wide range of applications.

Battery Monitoring

Remote battery monitoring can save maintenance costs, predict impending battery failures and extend battery service life.

Data Centers






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The Stars of the Modernizing Critical Power Series

Get to know the experts.

Josh Phillips

Josh Phillips

Battery Monitoring Systems Director

Josh is the Battery Monitoring Systems Director at PBT.  With over 7 years of experience as PBT's National Sales Manager, he has worked with customers in multiple industries with vastly different facility configurations.

Prior to working at PBT, Josh was enlisted in the US Navy aboard the USS George Washington (CVN-73) where he was a hydraulics technician within the Weapons department.  

Josh started his career with PBT in 2014 where he joined as a Field Applications Engineer (FAE).  During his tenure as an FAE, Josh installed hundreds of battery monitoring systems for customers across 
the US and in Canada while also training contractors and customers on how to successfully do the same.

As of 2023, Josh assumed the role of Battery Monitoring Systems Director, and oversees the daily operations at PBT.

Eric Solanyk

Eric Solanyk

Genset Power Solutions Director

Eric Solanyk is the Genset Power Solutions Director with Stored Energy Systems (SENS) in Longmont, CO.

He has worked as a design engineer on precision electromechanical systems for 13 years and has designed mission-critical industrial DC power systems for 8 years.

These systems are protecting mission-critical infrastructure in datacenter, power generation, utilities, switchgear, and energy applications around the world.

He received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado and is an inventor of 4 design patents.

Selim Maalouf

Selim Maalouf


Selim Maalouf is the content writer with Stored Energy Systems (SENS) and the host for this series.

He has worked both as a design engineer and a solutions engineer on end-of-line packaging automation systems for 7 years.

These completely automated lines have been powering some of the leading food & beverage, water, dairy, home & personal care, edible oil, and lube oil producers in the Europe and MENA regions.

He combines industrial engineering and marketing experience to ensure that SENS is delivering valuable content for our audience across all our channels.

He received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the faculty of Engineering of the Lebanese University.


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