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MicroGenius LE

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MicroGenius LE
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Compact Genset & Marine Battery Charger

The MicroGenius® LE  compact genset & marine battery charger packs advanced charging technology from higher-end SENS chargers into a small, lightweight and rugged package. It’s fully sealed for protection from dust and water.  MicroGenius LE’s charging technology, packaging, and low cost make it ideal for lower power genset and marine applications.  All models are C-UL listed and carry the BC energy efficiency mark.

MicroGenius LE is available in three models to meet all common low power needs:

12 Volt / 6 Amp
12 Volt / 10 Amp
24 Volt / 5 Amp

Small & light • fits practically anywhere
Protected from water & dust (IP67) ideal for harsh genset or marine duty
Advanced battery management proven Dynamic Boost™ and HELIX™ charging
Self-adjusting output precisely charges all types of lead-acid batteries
Battery & charger status LEDs • provide system health information at-a-glance
Superior efficiency & cooling • delivers full power even at high temperatures

MicroGenius LE is available from SENS in 12-pack and OEM pallet quantities. Smaller quantities are available from authorized SENS genset distributors (check here for the distributor in your area).

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LE-2405-A0-SS, LE-1210-AO-SS