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F3 Three Phase Filtered Battery Charger

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Higher power industrial-grade DC power in a compact package

  • 24, 48 and 120 volt DC, filtered output
  • Three-phase input
  • Temperature compensated output
  • AC and DC circuit breakers
  • Alarm system

Applications: automated process control, communications, utilities

Together with a battery system, SENS F3 charger provides non-stop filtered DC power for automated control systems, communications equipment and substation switchgear. F3 operates from a three-phase source, and can provide higher output power than the EnerGenius IQ charger.

SENS F3 includes standard temperature compensation to assure correct battery charging even in uncontrolled environments. Other standard features include complete alarm system, AC and DC circuit breakers, non-corroding housing and seismic zone 4 compliance. Optional features and non-standard configurations are available.

SENS F3 is specified and used by a wide variety of engineering consulting firms, energy companies, utilities, and OEMs.