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Lean Manufacturing

“Lean production” is the most efficient system yet devised to convert knowledge, materials and labor into finished goods. Compared with conventional “push” production systems, SENS Lean system delivers superior customer value in several ways:

Quality: “Lean” embeds more quality checks into the assembly operation than traditional batch-build systems. This reduces the chance of defects leaving the factory.

Delivery: Our high performance supply chain and assembly processes enable SENS to achieve short lead times without stocking finished goods.

Cost: Better quality and faster throughput reduce our costs, enabling SENS to deliver higher specification, more reliable products at prices competitive with mid-market brands.

Continuous Improvement: The most powerful aspect of Lean production at SENS is Continuous Improvement. We take customer feedback seriously and devote generous management time and effort to improving both our products and service.

Lean production enables SENS to deliver greater than 98% of all orders on time, and at exceptional levels of quality.