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Complete DC Systems / DC UPS

Self-contained non-stop DC power systems include a battery, charger / rectifier, and a range of options. During a power outage the system battery powers your load automatically and without any switchover time. When AC power is restored the system’s charger automatically resumes operation, recharging the battery while powering the load. Benefits of the packaged system include:

  • More efficient use of space: Factory packaging safely allows more efficient packaging of components than is possible with a field installation.
  • Saves money: Factory assembly and test eliminate costs and uncertainty of field installation
  • Cuts engineering time and uncertainty: Factory integration relieves customers of the hassle of planning for mechanical and electrical interconnections.
  • Minimizes quality surprises: All assembly variables are more easily controlled in our ISO 9001 certified plant than in the field. Factory-built products suffer many fewer defects than those assembled in the field.

DC PowerCab™ and PowerRack™ systems drive larger loads ranging from 24 to 240 volts, have a range of available DC distribution options, and are configurable with optional inverters and battery disconnect options.

Weatherproof MicroCabTM 1500 systems drive medium size loads of 12 or  24-volts.

Unique Contribution

Complete DC power systems from SENS offer distinct advantages over other DC solutions:

  • Efficient packaging of all system elements in one cabinet saves valuable floor space
  • Well-documented sizes simplify the task of integrating the DC system into customer premises
  • Factory assembly reduces installation uncertainty, labor and cost
  • Single-source of all system elements cuts procurement and service costs
  • Factory installation of heavy batteries in PowerCab DC UPS reduces risk of installer injury
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