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SuperTorque 8Z

SENS SuperTorque 8Z Genset Starting System

Powered by ZincFive® Nickel-Zinc (NiZn)

SENS SuperTorque 8Z Genset Starting System solves the #1 problem with emergency generators: starting battery failure. Unless lead-acid starting batteries on gensets are replaced every one to three years, they fail suddenly, without warning. Even if replaced this often, they sometimes explode. Offering a full 10-year warranty, the heart of SuperTorque 8Z is the high performance nickel-zinc (NiZn) battery. Like other nickel-based batteries, NiZn is very stable and long-lived. SuperTorque 8Z is also the sustainable choice. Lifetime GHG emissions from NiZn batteries in SuperTorque 8Z are 96% lower than for a comparable performance lead-acid battery. Offering superb reliability, better than a 50% TCO advantage over lead-acid batteries and a vastly smaller environmental footprint, SuperTorque 8Z is the overwhelming best choice for genset starting energy storage.


Solves Genset Starting Problems. Guaranteed.

  • Super powerful, safe NiZn battery – contains no lithium or hazardous materials. Air shippable!
  • 10-year full warranty – say goodbye to regular battery replacements
  • No sudden failure – unlike lead-acid, which typically fails suddenly and without warning
  • More power, less space – 75% smaller than comparable lead-acid – including charger!
  • Long life, no maintenance – cuts ongoing cost of truck rolls and electrolyte top-ups
  • Sustainable – no hazardous materials; 96% lower lifetime GHG emissions than lead-acid
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) – greater than 50% lower cost over ten years than lead-acid


SuperTorque 8Z benefits


Long-life, super high-rate battery

Well proven in data center UPS, the super high-rate NiZn battery combines phenomenal high-rate performance with great endurance. The inherent advantage of NiZn technology is that battery voltage changes little with state of charge. Even at a low state of charge SuperTorque 8Z still delivers powerful starting performance. In contrast, voltage of lead-acid batteries quickly drops too low to crank an engine, leaving most of the lead-acid battery’s capacity stranded in the battery.


More power in less space

A single 24-volt SuperTorque 8Z system, the size of one 12-volt 8D battery, replaces up to four 8D lead-acid starting batteries.


The clear sustainable choice

The SuperTorque 8Z NiZn battery results in 96% lower lifetime carbon emissions than lead-acid starting batteries. NiZn technology is much more energy efficient to manufacture, transport, and recycle than lead-acid. It weighs less. Its long service life retires the need for regular replacement. There is no periodic watering required. SuperTorque 8Z uses no hazardous materials. The on-board MicroGenius charger is up to 93% efficient, and consumes less than 3 watts at idle. SuperTorque 8Z is the most sustainable genset energy storage solution available.


Nickel-Zinc Climate Impact Report

Embedded MicroGenius 2 charger

Inside SuperTorque 8Z is a reliable SENS charger, optimized for NiZn charging. Factory installation means no separate charger installation or wiring. The charger accepts universal AC input (100-240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz) via either IEC 320 connector and cord or hardwired conduit.


Sizing considerations

The primary limit governing how big an engine one SuperTorque 8Z will start is depth of voltage drop during the initial ~200 milliseconds “locked rotor” condition at the beginning of the crank cycle. Most engine control computers (ECU) on 24V systems tolerate voltages down to12 volts. Larger current draw at locked rotor reduces available voltage at the starter. One 24-volt SuperTorque 8Z has been observed to crank diesel engines with two starters up to 70 liters displacement. The number of starters is relevant. For any given displacement engine, more starter motors typically means higher current during the locked rotor condition.


SuperTorque 8Z advantage

Lead-acid batteries require regular maintenance and replacement every 1-3 years. The table below illustrates the significant financial benefit of SuperTorque 8Z’s much longer life.