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Insight into NFPA 110's Proposed 2025 Amendments | SENS

Insight into NFPA 110's Proposed 2025 Amendments | SENS

We are happy to see the NFPA 110 technical committee approve the proposed changes to the NFPA 110 2025 standard adding nickel-zinc battery chemistry to the “Type of Battery” specification.

While these changes are pending the public approval stage, we fully expect this to be integrated into the 2025 standard.

Steve Works, NFPA 110 Technical Committee Member, discussed:

  • What is the NFPA 110?
  • What are the proposed changes for the next version of the NFPA 110 standard?
  • How will these changes affect the power generation industry?

Watch the recording:


Meet our host and panelist for this episode

Steve Works

Steve Works

NFPA 110 Technical Committee Member

Currently based in Kentucky with Boyd Caterpillar, Steve Works has served over three decades as a Caterpillar Electric Power Generation technical representative. His duties include end-user ‘best practice’ surveys, operational training, EPSS maintenance and contingency planning, upgrades, repairs, and replacement solutions.

For over ten years, Steve was a civilian contractor tasked with training the US Army Corps of Engineers (249th Battalion; Huntsville AL) on Acceptance of Diesel-Powered Generator Sets (Course #106). Overseas duties included the revamping of EPSS equipment at the US Embassy in Sana’a Yemen, power plant rebuilds for Turks and Caicos, and US disaster recovery efforts during Hurricanes Isabel, Katrina, Rita and Sandy.

In 2010, Steve was named as a Technical Advisor to Dan Chisholm, Sr (MGI / Chairman of Technical Committees Responsible for NFPA 110 & 111); and in 2017, was appointed to those same committees. As the principal owner of Works Power, he also serves as a consultant with Dan to assess hospital, university, and nursing home EPSS’s; and regularly speaks at healthcare conferences across the US.

Receiving ‘CHEPP’ certification through MGI, Steve’s technical training and certifications include Caterpillar diesel and natural gas gensets, ATS and paralleling switchgear (ASCO, Russelectric, GE Zenith, Eaton) and industry standard EPSS controls and equipment (Woodward, Basler, AVO, FLIR).

Selim Maalouf

Selim Maalouf


Selim Maalouf is the content writer with Stored Energy Systems (SENS) and the host for this series.

He has worked both as a design engineer and a solutions engineer on end-of-line packaging automation systems for 7 years.

These completely automated lines have been powering some of the leading food & beverage, water, dairy, home & personal care, edible oil, and lube oil producers in the Europe and MENA regions.

He combines industrial engineering and marketing experience to ensure that SENS is delivering valuable content for our audience across all our channels.

He received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the faculty of Engineering of the Lebanese University.