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Education Series – Genset Electrical Starting Systems

SENS’ Educational Series publication on Genset Electrical Starting Systems is authored by SENS President and Chief Technology Officer Bill Kaewert, widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on genset battery charging and starting systems.

The introduction to this seven-part series documents that the #1 problem with gensets is the electric starting system. The bulk of the series identifies technology choices and operational practices that will significantly improve the reliability of emergency and standby generators.

Use the links below to access the seven modules in this series.

1 – Introduction to Genset Electrical Starting System Problems

2 – Engine Start Battery Performace Characteristics

3 – Solutions to Leading Causes of Battery Failure in Gensets

4 – Genset Start Battery Strengths, Weaknesses & Use Strategies

5 – How To Specify a Genset Battery Charger

6 – Battery Charging Basics

7 – Redundant Battery System Considerations