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Codes & Standards

Third party certification demonstrates that manufacturers and their products meet certain established standards for quality, safety, survivability, electromagnetic compatibility and performance. Standards compliance does not guarantee success in any particular application, but manufacturers that obtain and maintain third-party certifications demonstrate technical and financial commitment that reduces risk for buyers.

ISO 9001 quality system: Demonstrating class-leading commitment to quality, SENS has maintained ISO 9001 certification since 1996. Outside auditors regularly verify that the company maintains internal controls over nearly every discipline, including regular self-audits and formal corrective and preventive action systems. In contrast, firms claiming “ISO-compliance” never are because they never face the pressure of third-party scrutiny.

SENS ISO 9001 Certificate

UL listing: Nearly all SENS products are listed to UL safety standards by UL (Underwriters Laboratories). UL writes the standards and typically takes a more stringent approach to enforcing them. Many engineers and AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) strongly prefer UL listing over others such as CSA or ETL even though any NRTL (Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory) is legal.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS): SENS EnerGenius IQ and MicroGenius chargers are type approved by ABS and conform to US Coastguard requirements when fitted with an optional drip shield. Type approval means that SENS is authorized by ABS to ship immediately upon completion of factory tests without waiting for ABS auditor approval.

SENS IQ ABS Type Approval Certificate
SENS MG2 ABS Type Approval Certificate
SENS MG S2/S4 ABS Type Approval Certificate

Electromagnetic compatibility: Tested in third party labs, SENS chargers do more than meet legal limits for radio frequency emissions. Most models are certified to exceed stringent ANSI and European standards for immunity to electrical fast transients, electrostatic discharge and lightning resistance.

Seismic survival: We expect that mission-critical infrastructure including electric power service, water utilities, and hospitals maintain operation during and after even severe earthquakes. The only mission-critical battery charger product lines certified to stringent IBC and OSHPD seismic standards are manufactured by SENS.

SENS Seismic Certificate of Compliance – LC, NRG, MicroGenius 150, IQ and BBS

SENS Seismic Certificate of Compliance – MG2 and Microcab

Conflict Minerals: SENS is continually in the process of working with its supply chain regarding conflict minerals status and policies to ensure that reasonable due diligence has been taken to use DRC conflict free materials.

SENS Conflict Minerals Statement