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Industrial Batteries, Best Battery Selectors, Battery Monitors

In addition to chargers, SENS supplies a wide array of complementary products necessary to build and monitor DC power systems. By taking sourcing responsibility for the entire system, SENS takes the hassle out of purchasing and coordinating delivery from multiple vendors. And, our prices are highly competitive.

Best Battery Selectors. SENS designed and manufactured Best Battery Selectors (BBS) deliver current from two different batteries to the critical load, such as engine starter motors or electrical switchgear. In case one battery is weak or failed, current automatically flows to the load from the remaining good battery.

Industrial Batteries, Racks, Spill Protection. SENS provides a complete range of industrial batteries and associated racks and spill protection.

  • Nickel cadmium batteries from Saft and ALCAD for both engine starting and stationary applications
  • Flooded Lead-Acid batteries from BAE, Enersys, GNB, and C&D for stationary applications
  • AGM & VRLA batteries (standard and high temperature designs) from East Penn, GNB, and Enersys for stationary applications

Ohmic Battery Monitors. SENS offers the highly sophisticated and cost-effective battery monitoring systems from its sister company, Phoenix Broadband Technologies (PBT).  PBT systems can monitor all aspects of battery installations including ohmic characteristics, float current, electrolyte levels, and even third party devices on the site such as hydrogen monitor and HVAC systems.

Remote Temperature Sensors.   Remote temperature sensors are critical for proper charging when the temperature of the charger and battery are significantly different, such as when battery heaters or cooling units are employed. Contact SENS Sales or your SENS representative for more information

Ancillary Equipment for DC systems . SENS sales and support staff can help supply virtually any equipment associated with DC power systems, such as inverters, NEMA rated cabinets, and equipment racks. Contact SENS Sales or your SENS representative for more information

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