PBT Ohmic Battery Monitoring Systems

Through its sister company, Phoenix Broadband Technologies (PBT), SENS provides state of the art ohmic battery monitoring systems.  PBT’s systems are scalable to meet the needs of industrial applications from a single small system to enterprise installations with hundreds of sites.  PBT monitors are in use at tens of thousands of sites of telecom & cable providers, data centers, power utilities and other mission critical installations.

  • PBT monitoring provides far more timely, accurate and repeatable results than manual measurementsMonitoring Diagram
  • Scalable client-server design and embedded intelligent algorithms provide cost-effective monitoring for any size installation
  • Standard SNMP, DNP3 and Modbus network protocols provide data over most customer networks
  • Open interface supports a wide range of monitoring tools. Integrates with virtually any management system
  • Input modules enable site controllers to monitor related site elements such as HVAC systems or hydrogen sensors
  • Output modules provide general purpose remote control of external equipment
  • Optional float current monitor and electrolyte monitor provide early failure warning, allowing remediation during a planned site visit
  • Supports U.S. electric utility NERC battery monitoring requirements
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

To see why remote battery monitoring is so important, and how PBT’s solution is the most advanced in the marketplace, please see the PBT PowerAgent brochure here.

Click here to visit the PBT website and get the full story.