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EnerGenius® IQ2 Dual Microprocessor Rectifier / Battery Charger

Here now!   The next generation IQ.

Powers DC loads and delivers reliable, high-performance battery charging

  • Advanced: Full digital control, self-diagnostics & communications
  • Compatible: Fit, form & function compatible with first generation IQ chargers
  • Informative: Easy to read mimic panel, digital display and LEDs
  • Communications: Modbus available now, other protocols on request
  • PIP specification compliant: Includes optional high current relay
  • Super reliable: Industry-leading 5-year warranty

Applications: Electric utility / industrial switchgear, industrial  process control, engine starting

EnerGenius IQ2 is an SCR-type industrial/utility battery charger that powers DC equipment, charges your battery, automatically tests battery performance, and communicates DC system status. IQ2 is an update of SENS’ popular EnerGenius IQ charger

IQ2 is ideally suited for global application with a wide range of input voltages and certifications including: C-UL listing, CE marking, IBC seismic, ABS type approval and optional OSHPD and PIP compliance.

The optional protocol processor provides advanced networking capabilities including Modbus remote communications and data logging.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is EnerGenius IQ2?

IQ2 is an EnerGenius IQ charger with substantially upgraded electronics and firmware. IQ2 is fit, form and function compatible with the first generation (Gen 1) EnerGenius IQ. IQ2 can be employed anywhere Gen 1 EnerGenius IQ has been. In fact, Gen 1 IQ chargers can be field upgraded to IQ2 capability.

Why did SENS decide to upgrade its successful Gen 1 EnerGenius IQ design?

SENS has long planned to replace 2006-vintage electronics and firmware in the EnerGenius IQ with modern components and more powerful firmware that is already developed, tested and well-proven in thousands of SENS’ switchmode MicroGenius 2 and EnerGenius DC chargers. These updates enable much more sophisticated alarms, networking and addition of external measurement and integration of other devices than possible in the first generation EnerGenius IQ. Standardization with other SENS chargers also will enable both our customers and SENS’ customer service team to support all our products more efficiently.

We elected to do this in 2021 because, as eventually happens with all active electronic components, some parts in the 2006-vintage EnerGenius IQ design are going obsolete and suppliers are discontinuing manufacture. This supply chain reality requires that SENS act now to upgrade the design of our circuit boards to employ components with production lifetimes many years into the future.

Is IQ2 still an SCR charger?

Yes, we are only changing the control, alarm, and communications electronics. IQ2 still uses the same power train as the Gen 1 EnerGenius IQ.

Will IQ2 part numbers be the same as Gen 1 IQs?

Yes. We maintained the original model numbering system while adding features. This means two things: First, all models provide as least the same function as Gen 1 chargers; Second, in some configurations new features such as additional relay contacts, higher powered relay contact or other functions are added above and beyond what the Gen 1 IQ provided.

When did the transition from Gen 1 IQ to IQ2 occur?

During the second quarter of 2021.

Can I still choose between Gen 1 IQ and IQ2?

No. Production of Gen 1 IQ circuit boards ended because suppliers have discontinued certain electronic components essential to Gen 1 control and alarm circuit boards. Circuit assemblies remaining after Gen 1 IQs are no longer manufactured will be maintained by SENS as spare parts for Gen 1 IQ chargers already in service.

Can I upgrade my Gen 1 IQ chargers to IQ2?

Yes. It’s easy to upgrade Gen 1 circuit cards and front panel with their IQ2 replacements. Anyone qualified to replace a circuit card in a Gen 1 IQ can perform the upgrade. Only circuit cards and in some cases an alarm mounting bracket need to be replaced.  Wiring harnesses and power conversion components remain unchanged.

Can IQ2 be used at sites where customers operate standardized fleets of chargers?

Yes. Some customers build out infrastructure in different phases over many years. At such sites there is a desire to maintain commonality in electronic products such as battery chargers so that the job of maintenance personnel is easier.

Although the user interface and outward appearance of IQ2 differs little from Gen 1 IQ, the charger’s firmware is different. There would be two options for fleet operators after the transition from Gen 1 to IQ2: (a) either support both Gen 1 and IQ2 in the same fleet or, (b) field upgrade existing Gen 1 IQ chargers to IQ2. The field upgrade is performed by replacing circuit boards and, in some cases, an internal mounting bracket. All Gen 1 IQ chargers can be field upgraded to the IQ2 except for 240-volt nominal output versions.

Can IQ2 be connected in parallel with Gen 1 IQ?

Yes, if passive load sharing is acceptable. IQ2, however, employs different and more robust load sharing hardware and firmware than Gen 1 IQ chargers, meaning that the two generations are not compatible for active load sharing. Active load sharing can be accomplished by upgrading the existing Gen 1 IQ to IQ2.

How long will SENS support the Gen 1 EnerGenius IQ?

SENS will support Gen 1 IQ chargers with Gen 1 replacement circuit cards for as long as customers require it, limited by the availability replacement circuit boards. Based on the present usage rate of replacement circuit, SENS expects our supply of Gen 1 circuit cards to last approximately five years. However, support for Gen 1 IQ chargers extends beyond this period by upgrading Gen 1 circuit cards and front panel to Gen 2.

Are there any features included in the EnerGenius IQ that were dropped in the IQ2?

All features in Gen 1 were retained in the IQ2. The IQ2 control panel was simplified by removing two control buttons: (1) A shortcut button to adjust charging mode and, (2) a shortcut to the “Battery Check” function that enabled the battery check mode to be invoked quickly from the front panel.

In IQ2, both features still reside in the charger and are easily invoked using the front panel navigation keys. The addition of many more configuration options to the charging mode and battery check features, however, made it impractical to maintain button shortcuts on the front panel. Click here for a side-by-side comparison of Gen 1 and IQ2 charger user control panels.

“Black box” event logging is available with the “M” and “N” alarm / communications options.

Are IQ2 dimensions, mounting hole locations, weight, and general construction identical to the Gen 1 EnerGenius IQ?


What batteries can IQ2 safely charge?

As with Gen 1 IQ, IQ2 offers patented charging algorithms to provide optimal charging of many variants of lead-acid and nickel cadmium batteries. And, because IQ2 now employs the same firmware as the EnerGenius DC, and EnerGenius DC has been certified by Saft as compatible with the Saft Flexion lithium battery management system (BMS), IQ2 is also compatible with Flexion and its BMS. This means that IQ2 is qualified to safely deliver full charging current to Flexion lithium batteries.

What networking protocols does IQ2 support?

Serial Modbus, Modbus over TCP/IP, DNP3 and IEC 61850. While all protocols will not be available at first release, we expect to release all prior to Q2 2022.

I already have IQ’s that I monitor over Modbus. Is IQ2 compatible with my current Modbus monitoring settings?

You don’t need to make any changes to your HMI console or PLC to monitor IQ2. It can be set to use the same register addresses as Gen 1 IQ’s.

Does the IQ2 have the same reliability and MTBF levels as the original IQ?

Yes. IQ2 chargers s use fewer electronic components than Gen 1 chargers. We expect IQ2 reliability to be even better than Gen 1 units which already exceed 1 million hours observed MTBF.

Is the IQ2 warranty the same as Gen 1 IQ?

Yes.  SENS supports the IQ 2 with a 5-year limited warranty, the best in the industry.

What agency listings will the IQ2 carry?

IQ2 is agency certified like Gen 1 IQ, meaning it will be UL listed, CE marked, IBC seismic certified, and NEMA PE-5/IEEE 2405 compliant.

PIP standard compliance is optional in IQ2 chargers.

How does Battery Check work?

Initiated either manually or on a user-adjustable automatic schedule, Battery Check gives a Pass/Fail assessment of the battery’s ability to carry the connected system load. It does this by reducing charger output and allowing the battery to support the load. A healthy battery supports the load. During the check the charger stays active as a DC power “backstop” to prevent dropping of the critical load in case of a missing or failed battery.

Is Battery Check adjustable?

Yes. All parameters are adjustable, including whether it is enabled, whether to run automatically, duration of test, frequency of automatic test and test voltage setpoint.

On what type of DC load does Battery Check give the most accurate results?

Battery Check gives highest accuracy results in a DC system with a relatively large constant load, in general, greater than 10% of the charger’s rated output current.

How does Battery Check work with light loads?

Battery Check is most useful with heavier loads because it depends on the connected load to stress test the battery. There are two issues that limit its effectiveness on very light loads:

Very light continuous loads on large batteries place such small stress on the battery that even weak batteries can sometimes pass

In switchgear and engine start applications the periodic loads are much larger than steady-state current draw. In these applications Battery Check does not today give an accurate picture of the battery’s ability to support the large intermittent loads

If a weak battery can pass the test what’s the use of Battery Check?

Battery Check actually emulates the regular site assessment practice that many electric utilities employ, but automates the work. For example, after arrival at a substation maintenance crews frequently shut down the charger before commencing other PM work. Just prior to leaving the site the crew verifies that the station battery has performed to expectation and then restarts the charger to verify that the charger delivers acceptable recharge current.

IQ Battery Check is better than the manual process described above because:

  • With Battery Check the AC breaker never is turned off, so there is no risk of dropping the load, even with a dead battery
  • The routine can be scheduled to run automatically, reducing the time that maintenance staff spend at the site
  • Test results such as voltage during the test are automatically logged in the Black Box data logger. These results can be reviewed and analyzed if necessary
  • When a charger is equipped with available Modbus data communications, the battery check can be manually initiated and monitored remotely
If Battery Check doesn’t always give perfect results why use it?

Many system failures are caused by simple human factors such as forgetting to close a battery breaker. Battery Check can catch some human factors problems before they create a crisis.

Battery Check’s emulation of present generation maintenance techniques presents an opportunity for cost savings through more efficient deployment of maintenance staff.

When demonstrating DC system integrity Battery Check is the less risky alternative to turning off the charger ‘s AC breaker because it protects from several potential ways battery energy could fail to reach the critical load:

  • The battery has failed
  • A battery jumper was not replaced after maintenance
  • The battery circuit breaker is defective or has failed
  • There is a failure in wiring or wire terminations
With regard to chargers, what do “parallel operation”, “load share” and “forced load share” mean?

Parallel operation: Two chargers are connected in parallel to the same battery

Load share: The degree to which current is shared between two chargers connected to a common DC bus. In theory, two chargers delivering exactly the same output voltage through DC leads of exactly the same resistance will share the load equally.

Forced load share: A scheme intended to cause chargers to share output current despite normal manufacturing tolerance and unavoidable variation in resistance of charger output cabling

How does digital load sharing, differ from older “forced load share” charger schemes?

The IQ 2’s digital load share system is different from the several conventional forced load share schemes in three main ways:

  • Connecting the IQ 2 load share cable automatically propagates every charger adjustment parameter from one unit to the other. This essentially “clones” the chargers.
  • Two IQ 2 chargers connected in parallel act as one. Selecting a different charging mode of one charger causes the other to also change mode at the same time.
  • The optional battery remote temperature compensation probe delivers the same temperature data to each charger to insure commonality of operation

In addition, operation of the IQ 2 digital load share scheme is completely independent from of the AC source, meaning that two chargers powered by different grids or from different input voltages will reliably load share.

Can chargers with different current ratings be used in load share configuration?

Yes. Any IQ2 chargers with the same rated output voltage can be paralleled. Load currents will share according to percent of rated charger output.

Should the forced load share option be used between two chargers connected to two different batteries?

No. Forced load share should only be used when two chargers operate in parallel on the SAME battery.

How do you recommend attaching the remote probe to the battery?

SENS recommends fixing the remote probe directly to the battery, instead of sensing ambient air near the battery. This is particularly important when battery blanket or other temperature controlling elements are used with the battery.

On battery systems where one polarity is connected to earth ground we recommend connecting the remote probe direct to the grounded terminal. On floating, or ungrounded, battery systems we recommend fixing the temperature probe to the battery itself.

Both methods are explained in detail in the installation instructions accompanying the remote probe.

Why does SENS use dual microprocessors in the IQ?

Three reasons:

  • It’s important for charger reliability to separate the I/O intensive functions of the user interface and communications from the simple control and regulation of the charger. Separating basic control and regulation from I/O intensive functions makes it easier to add new features to the charger.
  • Each processor operates a different set of alarms or communications cards, giving redundancy of alarms. The “control” processor drives the summary relay, while the “monitor” processor drives the individual relays and communications card.
  • To enable full redundancy in the overvoltage shutdown system. Please see the overvoltage shutdown section below for details.
How do you reliably prevent the charger’s voltage from running away?

We don’t think an IQ 2 would ever lose voltage control. But if either of the two potential causes for overvoltage runaway were to occur here’s how we address each case:

In case of a shorted rectifier bridge component this would short circuit the transformer secondary winding, causing the AC input breaker to trip, stopping all input to, and output from the charger.

If there were to be a control system failure: Each of the two microprocessors runs different firmware and actuates a different transistor to enable the power train. Both processors must command their respective transistors to be ON in order to enable SCR drive. Either processor has the authority and actuator mechanism to turn off the charger. Should a failure occur in a processor, its firmware or actuator transistor the redundant function of the other processor remains capable of shutting down the charger.

Why is overvoltage shutdown redundancy so important?

Runaway charging voltage is like unintended acceleration in a car. An out-of-control charger will overcharge the battery, increasing the possibility of fire or explosion.

What is “selective” overvoltage shutdown and why does it matter?

Where there are multiple sources of DC on a single bus it is important to shut down only the source of the overvoltage problem. We do not want to turn off the “victim” devices. They need to stay operational after the problem source is shut down to insure continuity of power to the critical load.

The IQ 2’s overvoltage shutdown system determines whether it is the cause or the victim of an overvoltage event. If it is the victim, the charger remains on but delivers no output during the overvoltage event.

How do you prevent nuisance overvolt shutdowns?

False overvolt shutdowns are unacceptable. SENS addressed the multiple possibilities this could happen as follows:

  • IQ2 is EMC hardened against all reasonable electromagnetic immunity threats as specified by ANSI and IEC.
  • The selective overvolt shutdown system discussed above prevents the problem of other chargers or other power supplies shutting down a good IQ2.
  • The IQ2 shutdown logic requires the charger to be in an unambiguous overvolt condition for several seconds before the shutdown occurs. This prevents momentary transient events from turning off the charger.
Can the charger’s firmware be upgraded in the field?


What’s the benefit of field-upgradeable firmware?

Upgradeability enables new features and functions developed over time to be retrofitted to the installed base, protecting customer investment in the IQ2 regardless of date of purchase. If a firmware upgrade is required to activate the new feature it’s easy to do. Upgradeable firmware allows customers desiring these new features to retrofit their existing charger, bringing it up with new production units. This “future-proofs”” your charger investment.

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Q048016TL514C Q048016TL514M Q048016TL514N Q048016TL544B Q0480258L512C Q048025PG511A Q048025PG511B Q048025PG511C Q048025PG511N Q048025PG512C Q048025PG512CR Q048025PG512MR Q048025PG512NR Q048025PG514C Q048025PG514CA Q048025TL511A Q048025TL511AY Q048025TL511B Q048025TL511BR Q048025TL511C Q048025TL511CR Q048025TL511CS Q048025TL511K Q048025TL511KR Q048025TL511L Q048025TL511N Q048025TL511NS Q048025TL511NY Q048025TL512A Q048025TL512C Q048025TL512CE Q048025TL512N Q048025TL514A Q048025TL514B Q048025TL514C Q048025TL514CR Q048025TL514K Q048025TL514M Q048025TL514N Q048025TL534B Q048025TL534KR Q048025TL534MR Q0480358L512C Q0480358L512K Q048035PG512C Q048035TL511A Q048035TL511AS Q048035TL511AY Q048035TL511B Q048035TL511BA Q048035TL511BR Q048035TL511C Q048035TL511CS Q048035TL511K Q048035TL511M Q048035TL512BR Q048035TL512C Q048035TL512KR Q048035TL512N Q048035TL512NE Q048035TL514A Q048035TL514AY Q048035TL514B Q048035TL514BR Q048035TL514N Q048035TL534MY Q048035VG514A Q048035VS514A Q0480508L511AR Q0480508L511BR Q048050PG511A Q048050PG511CS Q048050PG514B Q048050PG514N Q048050TL511A Q048050TL511AA Q048050TL511AR Q048050TL511B Q048050TL511BR Q048050TL511C Q048050TL511CA Q048050TL511CR Q048050TL511CS Q048050TL511KR Q048050TL511M Q048050TL511MR Q048050TL511N Q048050TL511NA Q048050TL512C Q048050TL512CY Q048050TL512L Q048050TL512N Q048050TL514B Q048050TL514BR Q048050TL514C Q048050TL514N Q048050TL534K Q0480753L511CE Q0480753L511KE Q0480753L512A Q0480753L514NA Q0480754G511A Q048075SL511A Q048075SL511B Q048075SL511BR Q048075SL511KE Q048075SL511KR Q048075SL514B Q048075SL534AS Q048075SL544A Q048075ZL512N Q0481003L514A Q0481003L514N Q0481004G512C Q0481004G512K Q0481008L511BR Q0481008L511C Q0481008L511CRA Q0481008L511K Q048100SL511K Q048100SL511KR Q048100SL511MX Q048100SL514B Q048100ZL511KA Q1200068L511A Q1200068L511AY Q1200068L514A Q120006PG511A Q120006PG514B Q120006PG514BR Q120006PS511A Q120006PS514B Q120006PS514BR Q120006TL511A Q120006TL511ARS Q120006TL511AS Q120006TL511AY Q120006TL511B Q120006TL511BR Q120006TL511C Q120006TL511CA Q120006TL511CR Q120006TL511CRS Q120006TL511CS Q120006TL511CY Q120006TL511K Q120006TL511N Q120006TL511NS Q120006TL512A Q120006TL512C Q120006TL512CY Q120006TL514A Q120006TL514B Q120006TL514BY Q120006TL514L Q120006TL514M Q120006TL534A Q120006TL534AY Q1200128L511A Q1200128L511B Q1200128L511C Q1200128L514A Q1200128L514C Q1200128L514K Q1200128L514L Q120012PG511A Q120012PG511B Q120012PG511C Q120012PG511CR Q120012PG511M Q120012PG512C Q120012PG512CR Q120012PG514NA Q120012PS511A Q120012TL511A Q120012TL511AA Q120012TL511AR Q120012TL511ARS Q120012TL511AS Q120012TL511AY Q120012TL511B Q120012TL511C Q120012TL511CA Q120012TL511CRS Q120012TL511CS Q120012TL511CY Q120012TL511K Q120012TL511KY Q120012TL511L Q120012TL511M Q120012TL511N Q120012TL512A Q120012TL512AR Q120012TL512AS Q120012TL512AY Q120012TL512B Q120012TL512C Q120012TL512CA Q120012TL512CR Q120012TL512CS Q120012TL512CY Q120012TL512K Q120012TL512KY Q120012TL512L Q120012TL512N Q120012TL512NR Q120012TL514A Q120012TL514B Q120012TL514BA Q120012TL514BR Q120012TL514BY Q120012TL514C Q120012TL514K Q120012TL514L Q120012TL514M Q120012TL514NA Q120012TL534KR Q120012TL534N Q120012TL544B Q1200168L511A Q1200168L511C Q1200168L512A Q1200168L514A Q1200168L514N Q1200168L534A Q120016PG511A Q120016PG511AY Q120016PG511B Q120016PG512CA Q120016PG512CS Q120016PG514A Q120016PG514B Q120016PS511B Q120016PS514A Q120016PS514B Q120016TL511A Q120016TL511AR Q120016TL511AS Q120016TL511AW Q120016TL511AY Q120016TL511B Q120016TL511BR Q120016TL511C Q120016TL511CA Q120016TL511CS Q120016TL511CY Q120016TL511K Q120016TL511L Q120016TL511N Q120016TL511NA Q120016TL511NR Q120016TL511NY Q120016TL512A Q120016TL512AY Q120016TL512B Q120016TL512C Q120016TL512CA Q120016TL512CR Q120016TL512CS Q120016TL512CY Q120016TL512K Q120016TL512KA Q120016TL512KY Q120016TL512L Q120016TL512N Q120016TL514A Q120016TL514AR Q120016TL514AS Q120016TL514B Q120016TL514BR Q120016TL514BY Q120016TL514C Q120016TL514N Q120016TL534K Q120016TL534N Q120016TL544B Q120016TL544M Q1200258L511A Q1200258L511AY Q1200258L511B Q1200258L511C Q1200258L511K Q1200258L511MR Q1200258L511N Q1200258L512C Q1200258L512K Q1200258L512N Q1200258L512NR Q1200258L514A Q1200258L514B Q1200258L514BR Q1200258L514C Q1200258L514K Q1200258L514N Q1200258L534B Q1200258L534K Q1200258L544M Q120025PG511A Q120025PG511B Q120025PG511C Q120025PG511CR Q120025PG511L Q120025PG511M Q120025PG511MR Q120025PG512AR Q120025PG512C Q120025PG512N Q120025PG514C Q120025PG514M Q120025PG544B Q120025PS514M Q120025TL511A Q120025TL511AA Q120025TL511AE Q120025TL511AR Q120025TL511ARY Q120025TL511AS Q120025TL511AY Q120025TL511B Q120025TL511C Q120025TL511CA Q120025TL511CE Q120025TL511CR Q120025TL511CS Q120025TL511CY Q120025TL511K Q120025TL511L Q120025TL511LY Q120025TL511M Q120025TL511MA Q120025TL511MX Q120025TL511N Q120025TL511NA Q120025TL511NR Q120025TL512A Q120025TL512AR Q120025TL512AS Q120025TL512AY Q120025TL512B Q120025TL512C Q120025TL512CE Q120025TL512CR Q120025TL512CY Q120025TL512K Q120025TL512KR Q120025TL512KY Q120025TL512LS Q120025TL512N Q120025TL512NR Q120025TL514A Q120025TL514AY Q120025TL514B Q120025TL514BA Q120025TL514BY Q120025TL514C Q120025TL514CR Q120025TL514CY Q120025TL514K Q120025TL514KR Q120025TL514L Q120025TL514M Q120025TL514N Q120025TL514NA Q120025TL534B Q120025TL534K Q120025TL534N Q120025TL544B Q1200353L511A Q1200353L511B Q1200353L511C Q1200353L511K Q1200353L511N Q1200353L512C Q1200353L512CE Q1200353L512NA Q1200353L512NE Q1200353L512NR Q1200353L512NRS Q1200353L514B Q1200353L514BY Q1200353L544B Q1200353L574C Q1200353L574CR Q1200353L574K Q1200354G511A Q1200354G511B Q1200354G511C Q1200354G511CA Q1200354G511K Q1200354G514A Q1200354G514M Q1200354G544A Q1200354G544B Q1200354S511A Q1200354S511B Q1200354S544A Q1200358L511A Q1200358L511B Q1200358L511K Q1200358L514AA Q1200358L514B Q1200358L514BR Q1200358L514C Q1200358L514K Q1200358L514LR Q1200358L514N Q1200358L534M Q120035SL511A Q120035SL511B Q120035SL511BR Q120035SL511BS Q120035SL511C Q120035SL511CA Q120035SL511CE Q120035SL511CR Q120035SL511CY Q120035SL511K Q120035SL511L Q120035SL511LY Q120035SL511M Q120035SL511N Q120035SL512B Q120035SL512C Q120035SL512CY Q120035SL512N Q120035SL512NA Q120035SL514A Q120035SL514B Q120035SL514BY Q120035SL514C Q120035SL514CY Q120035SL514K Q120035SL514M Q120035SL514N Q120035SL544B Q120035ZL512A Q120035ZL512C Q120035ZL512K Q120035ZL514AA Q120035ZL514C Q120035ZL514LA Q120035ZL574CR Q120035ZL574KR Q120035ZS514B Q120035ZS514BS Q1200503L511A Q1200503L511AR Q1200503L511B Q1200503L511C Q1200503L511K Q1200503L511L Q1200503L511N Q1200503L512A Q1200503L512B Q1200503L512C Q1200503L512CR Q1200503L512N Q1200503L514A Q1200503L514B Q1200503L514BR Q1200503L514BY Q1200503L514C Q1200503L514K Q1200503L514N Q1200503L514NE Q1200503L534B Q1200503L534C Q1200503L534CR Q1200503L534K Q1200503L534KR Q1200503L544B Q1200504G511C Q1200504G511N Q1200504G512C Q1200504G514C Q1200508L511A Q1200508L511AY Q1200508L511B Q1200508L511BR Q1200508L511C Q1200508L511CR Q1200508L511CY Q1200508L511K Q1200508L511KRS Q1200508L512C Q1200508L512K Q1200508L514A Q1200508L514B Q1200508L514BR Q1200508L514C Q1200508L514CR Q1200508L514K Q1200508L514L Q1200508L514M Q1200508L514N Q1200508L534KS Q1200508L534N Q1200508L534NR Q1200508L574CA Q1200508L574N Q1200508L584B Q120050SL511A Q120050SL511B Q120050SL511BA Q120050SL511C Q120050SL511CS Q120050SL511K Q120050SL511M Q120050SL511N Q120050SL512B Q120050SL512C Q120050SL512CR Q120050SL512K Q120050SL512KR Q120050SL514A Q120050SL514B Q120050SL514BR Q120050SL514BY Q120050SL514C Q120050SL514CY Q120050SL514K Q120050SL514M Q120050SL514MR Q120050SL514N Q120050SL534B Q120050SL534C Q120050SL534CW Q120050SL544B Q120050SL574B Q120050ZL511AS Q120050ZL511BA Q120050ZL512A Q120050ZL512B Q120050ZL512C Q120050ZL514C Q120050ZL514K Q120050ZL534B Q120050ZL574N Q120050ZS514B Q240006TL511A Q240006TL511B Q240006TL511C Q240006TL512A Q240006TL514A Q2400128L512A Q240012TL511A Q240012TL511AR Q240012TL511B Q240012TL511C Q240012TL512A Q240012TL514A Q240012TL534B Q2400163L511B Q2400163L511M Q2400253L511A Q2400253L534M Q2400254G511M Q2400254G574BR Q2400258L511B Q2400258L512A Q2400258L514B Q240025SL511A Q240025SL511C Q240025SL511N Q240025SL514B Q240025ZL511A