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Unique Value-add

SENS protects critical infrastructure from shutdown due to power loss

The keystone technology of modern life is electric power. Without it there is no fresh water, food, heat, communications, financial system, health care or government.

SENS products are vital in protecting the power grid from serious damage due to natural disaster. They also deliver short-term standby power when grid power fails. Today our ultra-reliable products are trusted components of the energy infrastructure on every continent of the globe – even Antarctica.

Since 1971 SENS has been designing and manufacturing industrial-strength DC power systems and utility-grade battery chargers that deliver non-stop, round-the-clock power to critical industrial controls in the midst of unpredictable and potentially catastrophic AC power disruptions.

Some of the best-known oil and gas providers, utilities, data centers, hospitals and government operations, such as air traffic control, depend on tens of thousands of SENS products to keep electric power, information, transportation and industrial processes from failing due to lack of power.

You can depend on SENS too.

What makes SENS different?
  • We focus relentlessly on our mission of protecting critical infrastructure from shutdown due to power loss
  • Our people are passionate about meeting our customer commitment to  provide rock-solid, class-leading battery system dependability, delivered on time, every time
  • We continue to deliver product innovations that for most customers provide the lowest total cost solution