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Electric Utilities / Switchgear


Electricity represents nearly half of all energy usage in the US.  Power generators, electric utilities, and industrial plants operate a vast array of protective relays, circuit breakers, switchgear and control electronics that keep all that power under control, preventing malfunctions from turning into high powered disasters. SENS serves the full array of companies and government institutions in the electric utilities / switchgear sector, including public and private generators, switchgear manufacturers, switchgear packagers, and all types of utilities — municipal, co-op, and investor-owned.

SENS high reliability utility chargers together with storage batteries, power critical electric protection systems around the world. Battery chargers and DC power systems produced by SENS are purpose-built for the demanding work of maintaining power network integrity.

Application Examples

SENS EnerGenius IQ utility chargers provide ultra reliable DC power for both industrial plant and electric utility switchgear applications.

EnerGenius DC industrial & utility battery chargers provide are ideal for generation plants and electric utility substations requiring three-phase AC input.

DC PowerCab 120 is a family of fully integrated DC power systems designed for both 48 and 120 volt switchgear lineups.  The PowerCab is ideal for pre-packaged switchgear houses because it enables significant space and associated cost savings.

SENS BBS best battery selectors are engineered to provide highly reliable isolation where redundant batteries and chargers are required.

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