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We can see what you see. How technology is changing remote service.

Ever been at a site needing technical help with equipment you don’t know very well?   SENS is now employing a tool that has already proven to be a huge help to customer technicians in the field.   Using only your cellular or WiFi-connected mobile phone, we cannot only see what you see, but our technician can superimpose pointers or even tools like DVM probes on the image you are seeing to show you exactly where check a connection, change a setting, or take a measurement.

The images below show what an on-site technician would see when his or her phone’s camera is focused on a SENS MicroGenius battery charger.  The image on the left highlights arrows “telestrated” by the SENS factory technician.  This can help the on-site tech to quickly see where to look.  The image on the right shows voltmeter probes and a DVM superimposed on the image; the on-site tech can see exactly where to place the probes.


SENS tech can add pointers to show onsite tech where to focus

superimpose tools

or superimpose tools such as DVM probes in the correct location








Here’s how it works.  A SENS technician sends a text to your phone with a single-use invitation to connect to our remote screen-share service.  Once connected, you give permission for the utility to access your microphone and camera.  Then we can see what you can with your phone.  It provides a way to get a wider view of the installation or zoom close in to see detail.  Once the call is done no data or permissions persist, so you retain your privacy and security.

It’s called augmented reality.  We can augment what you are seeing (reality) by superimposing useful pointers or images that show you exactly what to do.  And we can clearly see display or LED readings without the need for you to describe what you are seeing.   A picture may not always be worth a thousand words, but an augmented reality video link can be a huge time-saver for busy field technicians.

Here’s the feedback from a customer technician who used the service: “No question, the support and result was 100% success. It was late on a Friday afternoon, and am now able to have our DC system available over the weekend. This is a new energy related project that is entering the commissioning phase, we have many different contractors on site during this time and therefore high cost. Getting the battery charger issue resolved had huge financial impact. Video and Audio on my end was invaluable.”

This service is available to all SENS customers.  All that’s needed is a smart phone and an internet connection.  If we think it will help, we’ll suggest you try it.