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Introducing the new EnerGenius DC utility & industrial charger from SENS

Three-phase high-power units with hot-swap are 1/5 the size & weight of competitor units

Longmont, CO – January 6, 2021.  SENS (Stored Energy Systems, LLC) formally announced an industry-breakthrough line of three-phase utility and industrial battery chargers with hot-swap capability that are one-fifth the size and weight of competitive units. EnerGenius® DC chargers employ ruggedized high-frequency power conversion with equal or greater reliability than legacy technologies such as SCR but are much more energy efficient and inherently produce smoother DC output. Their small size, light weight, and hot-swap capability make them significantly more flexible and easier to install and service.

Ruggedized High Frequency Chargers.  High frequency power converters – also known as switchmode converters – are used almost exclusively in the telecom industry because of their small size and energy efficiency.  Ruggedized versions have been used in aerospace and military applications – for which reliability is critical — for decades but have yet to be widely deployed in North American industrial and utility applications. EnerGenius DC promises to change that.  SENS has hardened EnerGenius DC, employing patented forced conduction cooling and layered defenses against electrical transients and other environmental threats.  With forced conduction cooling, airflow never touches electronic components, keeping them free of dust and other environmental contaminants.

Others have attempted to repurpose high-frequency rectifiers designed for the telecommunications and CATV sectors for industrial and utility use. Unlike SENS EnerGenius DC, those units were never designed to withstand the harsh environments of industrial use. Until now, that weakness impeded adoption of high-frequency chargers.  Also, in contrast to prior high frequency chargers, EnerGenius DC is powered from native 400-480-volt three phase, three wire AC.  Prior high frequency chargers almost invariably required heavy and bulky step-down transformers to utilize 480-volt, 3 phase, 3-wire AC input.

Smaller, Lighter, More Efficient & Cleaner Power. The comparison to legacy utility chargers is dramatic.  The accompanying chart compares the weight, size, and input current consumed at full load of EnerGenius DC with two competing units.  EnerGenius DC wallbox model is less than one-seventh (1/7) the weight and one-sixth (1/6) the size of the comparable HindlePower ATevo.

Compared to the LaMarche A77, the EnerGenius DC cabinet model is less than one-fifth (1/5) the weight and one-third (1/3) the size.  Smaller and lighter means easier installation and service, space savings, and lower shipping costs.

SENS HindlePower SENS LaMarche
Model EnerGenius DC ATevo EnerGenius DC A77
Package Wallbox 5030 Package Cabinet 72N Package
AC Input 480 3-phase 480 3-phase 480 3-phase 480 3-phase
DC Output 125V 100A 125V 100A 125V 400A 125V 400A
Weight (lbs) 85 lbs 629 lbs 484 lbs 2500 lbs
Size (ft3) 2.9 ft3 18 ft3 24.7 ft3 80.2 ft3
Full Power Input Current 21.6 amps / phase 29.0 amps / phase 86.4 amps / phase 125 amps / phase
All comparisons made using information published by the manufacturer

EnerGenius DC consumes less than 75% the input current of either competing charger, translating to a substantially lower load on the power grid.  And EnerGenius DC models provide efficient, clean DC power without expensive “eliminator” or “super filtering” add-on options required for competing units to achieve the same output quality.

Modular Hot-Swap Design. Modular hot-swap construction makes redundancy straightforward.  Simply by adding an extra rectifier module, users can achieve N+1 redundancy such that in the rare event a rectifier module fails, an alarm is raised and the charger automatically continues to deliver DC.  Cabinet models offer the option of complete redundancy – independent AC inputs, DC outputs, rectifiers, circuit breakers and control panels – in a single package. Hot swap rectifiers also make service easy.  Should a replacement be necessary, a new rectifier can easily and safely be swapped in without the need for highly trained service personnel.

Superb flexibility. EnerGenius DC chargers will charge virtually any type of stationary battery including NiCd and lithium ion. For example, it is already certified to charge Saft Flexion lithium batteries.  Users can select the alarms they require and map them to both high power and standard relays.  Communications options include Modbus, DNP3 and IEC 61850 protocols.  All units comply with the NEMA PE-5 / IEEE 2405 standard, and PIP standard compliance is optional.

Models. SENS offers the EnerGenius DC in three models:

Model Number of Rectifiers Key Features
Compact 1 rectifier module Portable option available
Wallbox 1 or 2 rectifier modules Hot-swap; optional N+1 redundancy
Cabinet Up to 8 rectifier modules Hot-swap; optional N+1 redundancy or complete redundant charger in a single cabinet


All models are optimized for three-phase AC input from 400 to 480 volts but will operate on any single or three phase supply of 208 volts and higher.  Nominal output voltages are 125 volts and 250 volts DC, which can be adjusted downward for nearly any string voltage.  Additional input and output voltages will be available in the future.

Because of its small size, light weight (only 38 lbs.), and AC source flexibility, the Compact unit is available as a portable model, ideal for use as a maintenance charger.

All models are currently available and are both UL listed and CE marked.

About SENS. SENS has been trusted supplier to the distributed generation, industrial, utility, and marine markets for nearly 40 years. The company is known for its innovative, high quality products and outstanding customer service.

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