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Battery selection for DC power systems can be daunting and time consuming.

As a leading battery charger supplier, SENS personnel have intimate knowledge of batteries.  So, you can rely on SENS to supply your battery needs for a wide range of applications including switchgear, engine starting, utility, process-control, data center, or communications.

Our trained systems support engineers can help you select and size the best battery for your application / environment while providing single source convenience at competitive prices.

Having a wide range of quality battery manufacturers in its arsenal, SENS can select the product that makes the most sense and custom design a system to meet your need.

  • Single source convenience with compete sizing confidence
  • Technical resource for proper application & product selection
  • Relationships with multiple manufacturers to ensure best fit and price

Whether you are looking for a 10-year or a 20-year design life requirement, a flooded lead-acid, AGM lead-acid, or a Nickel Cadmium — SENS can provide a solution. We also provide system assembly, free standing racking, relay rack assembly, spill containment, and indoor or outdoor cabinets.  SENS can make it happen so you don’t have to.

Battery Technologies and Key Suppliers

10-Year Design Life Absorbed Glass Mat AGM

20-Year Design Life Absorbed Glass Mat AGM 20-Year Design Life Flooded Lead Acid

25-Year Design Life Ni-Cd

East Penn Mfg. East Penn Mfg. BAE Saft / Alcad Sinter Plate
Exide- GNB Exide- GNB Exide-GNB Saft / Alcad Pocket Plate H
Enersys Enersys Enersys Saft / Alcad Pocket Plate M
C&D Technologies   C&D Technologies Saft / Alcad Pocket Plate L
      Maintenance Free